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FINALLY Bharti Singh REAL Weight Loss SECRET REVEALED 😮 20 Kgs

bharti weight loss secret revealed

FINALLY Bharti Singh REAL Weight Loss SECRET REVEALED 😮 20 Kgs Shocking Transformation Diet Plan

Bharti Singh’s amazing weight loss journey and shocking transformation! Congratulations to our dear Bharti Singh for losing up to 15kgs-20kgs. Today I will tell you from a dietician’s point of view about her intermittent fasting, diet plan and will give a lot of motivation and tips that if you follow  then you too will be able to lose weight.

Yes, friends, this is the same comedian Bharti Singh whose jokes we all used to laugh whole heartedly at. But, the real fun will come when just like comedian Bharti Singh, whose jokes we all  love we too will become as thin as her. But, have you ever thought? That why did she who was already so famous and had garnered so much love not only from India but from all over the world felt  the need for her to change herself?

Bharti Singh lost 20 kg with Intermittent Fasting. | Weight Loss Secrets

There were 2 reasons behind it. The first one was her health issues. Bharti Singh was going through the problems of Asthma and Diabetes. To stop her health issues from increasing, she needed to lose weight. Bharti Singh even had a problem with people, calling her only cute and bubbly. It’s understood that no one calls you fat directly at your face. That’s when she thought enough of this cute and bubbly and now it’s time for me to get thin. What do you guys think that our beloved Bharti Singh never tried dieting before? She must have tried it for sure. But people often hesitate away from the name of dieting, and she must have also gone back after trying it.

Thinking the same that at the time of dieting, we have to stay hungry and abstain from eating, the same thing that you all do. But it’s nothing like this. I will tell you how Bharti Singh lost weight so quickly, Even after eating their favourite food throughout the day. Her real motivation was at the time of the second lockdown when her domestic help stopped coming.

It is obvious that she stay in the house and has to do the household chores herself, So when she had to do the household work, she felt that she was unfit even for her work. Because she started facing shortness of breath and she could not do her household chores. She used to get tired very quickly and was feeling very unhealthy. That’s when she took the help of an intermittent fasting diet plan. It was the perfect fit for her. As she is a very big foodie, and she can eat her favourite food. And her stomach will also be full, and she will get thin. As soon as she started intermittent fasting, very soon she started getting weight loss results too.

Now, you will think about what is this intermittent fasting is? Those who have already heard about it And have been unsuccessful after trying it. Today, I will tell you the successful way by which you can do intermittent fasting and lose weight very quickly. Friends, every diet plan has a name, and the name of this one is Intermittent Fasting. Now tell, what is the new thing? There is nothing new in this thing.

It is the same old technique from our ancient times which nowadays is named Intermittent Fasting. You just have to follow your circadian rhythm. As soon as the sunsets, stop eating and take your next meal after the sun rises. It will benefit your body a lot, but there is a gap of 12 hours between sunrise and sunset. There is a total of 24 hours in a day, divide it into 12 hours, eat nothing in 12 hours and rest 12 hours, you can eat. But if thought carefully, Bharti used to take her last meal at 7:00 pm and the next day at 12 noon.

Meaning she used to fast for 17 hours and did not eat anything. Some people do it for 12 hours, some for 14, and some for 17. You have to decide this ratio yourself. Eat only when you are hungry. The longer you will stretch your fasting window, The more benefits you will get. So now you have come to know about intermittent fasting, and it has two windows. One is the eating window, and another one is the fasting window. The ratio that Bharti Singh followed was 17 hours of fasting. And, she used to eat her favourite food for 7 hours.

How did comedian Bharti Singh lose 20 kgs | Do you know Secrets of Weight Loss

So, come on, let’s see what was the first meal of Bharti Singh. Bharti Singh is a very big foodie, and she is a pure Punjaban. The food of Amritsar and whole Punjab is incomplete without ghee and butter. Paranthas are eaten at the beginning of the day. So, let me tell you about the first meal of Bharti Singh. The first thing she liked to eat after her fast, is her favourite egg paratha and butter. This breakfast combination is not only delicious but nutritious too. So, this is a hit combination with a few mistakes, about which I will tell you now.

The egg is a very good source of protein. It is the best source of protein. So, it should be included in your diet. And, vegetarian people can take options such as soya, chickpeas or cottage cheese (paneer). Or they can also use lentils to fulfil their protein requirement. Bharti Singh has taken flour here in carbohydrates if you don’t want to take flour. You can take any other millet, or you can also use rice which is in fermented form like dosa and idli. And, in healthy fat, she has taken ghee. Which, I will suggest you eat in your daily diet, This, in your body, as many fat-soluble vitamins such A, D, E and K. This will not only help in glowing your skin but will also keep the bones strong. It will not let you feel hungry for a long time, will give the feeling of satiety.

The stomach will also be full for the next 3 to 4 hours. Maybe this is the reason why Bharti Singh likes this combination. So I have told you the options also, if not then you can follow this diet. But the amount of fibre is not present in it. I would like to give a small tip here. If you want fibre, you can eat it as a fruit an hour before. It means that as soon as you break the fast, You have to first take the fruits which are rich in fibre. Whether you take a mango, banana or apple. You will get a lot of benefits. You can choose any fruit and eat a whole of it. Papaya, Pomegranate or Guava, you can take all these fruits also. It is a very good option and eat this breakfast after its 1 hour. You will find it very tasty, and its nutrition will also increase by 2 times if you eat fruits before this.

So, here we complete the breakfast, which she takes at 12:00 noon. After eating this, For 3 to 4 hours, there is no question of being hungry at all. It means that at 4:00 pm, it’s her tea time. In evening tea, it’s allowed to take normal, tea or coffee, That you people drink with a spoonful of sugar or jaggery. And, with it, you can take a handful of makhana, Or you can take a handful of roasted chickpeas, peanuts or any bhel. Usually, the salted item cooked at home is very nutritious. You can take half a bowl of it. If you want, you can also take nuts, With it, you can take 4 soaked almonds, 2 walnuts and 1 date. I have given many options for the evening snack, Which are very healthy options for you. And yes, if you do not want to drink normal, tea or coffee, Then you can take any herbal tea. So, by taking so much with the evening tea, I am sure you will not feel hungry for the next 1 hour. Now I will meet you at dinner time. And, I will tell what Bharti Singh like to eat at dinner.

It is going to be Bharti Singh’s dinner time and You guys remember that she does not eat anything after 7:00 pm. In fact, she has even said that she follows intermittent fasting so strictly, That her body does not accept any food after 7:00 pm. It means that her health starts deteriorating if she eats late, and this is the best habit. You guys should also follow it. So, if Bharti Singh eats at 7 pm then It is obvious that by 6:30 pm, she starts eating the food. It means that her food should be over by 7:00 pm. And you know that there should not be any haste in the time of eating.

Enjoy and eat your food comfortably and properly chew it slowly. Then only you will get the complete nutrition of food. Let’s see what is in the dinner option of Bharti Singh. She likes to eat lentil and rice (daal-chaawal). And this is such a combination that is made at every home. Everyone eats it with great pleasure. So, her meal consists of a plate full of rice, lots of lentils which is made in ghee. And, additionally, she adds ghee to the rice too. Now, this is also a hit combination and maybe, With the help of this, she will not eat anything for the next 17 hours. So, it is a very good thing that her diet has proteins, carbs and healthy fats too. But then again, here, the name and trace of fibre is missing.

Fibre is very important for you guys, especially for those people who have the problem of constipation. Then start having a plate of salad with it and see how soon it will start, benefiting you. Usually, people make the same mistake that they eat and drink everything all day, But starve themselves at night and do their dieting. Due to this, neither their weight is reduced, nor their body is capable of doing any work. They feel very tired and lazy. Keep this thing in mind that Bharti Singh has also lost weight by eating her favourite food with the help of intermittent fasting. So whatever food she is eating is homemade, whether it is her lunch or dinner. You also follow this.

If you avoid junk food, it will be very good for you. Intermittent fasting does not mean that you can lose weight by eating anything useless. With this, you will have less benefit, And more harm to the body because the outside food (junk food) is processed and has no nutrients in it. Already you are doing intermittent fasting and staying hungry for a long time. But with the help of food, which your body is going to get nourishment, will not be nutritious, And not clean homemade food, then it can mess with you body. Neither you will be able to fast, nor will you be able to continue with your weight loss journey for a long time.

Then keep these tips in mind. Eat clean and homemade food. Very soon, you people will also start to make a difference. And, If you have noticed one thing here, Bharti Singh has taken 2 main meals and 1 snack. Normally, we take 3 main meals and 1 or 2 snacks in a day. So it means that Bharti Singh has reduced the quantity of her
food with the help of intermittent fasting. Clearly, she is following a calorie deficit diet. Then after turning around, the whole thing stops at one thing, That if you follow a calorie deficit, how to follow it, you can decide the way. Whether it is the method of intermittent fasting or any other method. But, people have got very good results from intermittent fasting because they have the feeling of satiety. They become thin by eating their favourite soul food which is cooked in a normal way at home. They get the happiness they also get less weight. And very soon, they also start getting compliments.

And, yes, there is one more important tip that I would like to give you. Drink at least 3 litres of water throughout the day so that you don’t feel dehydrated at all. Intermittent fasting means that in your fasting window, you can drink water comfortably, there is no tension. And, yes, you have to complete your sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night. With this, only your stress hormones will be in control there, will be no irritability, And you will be able to follow your eating window throughout the day. You have to be a little organised. Plan your meals in advance so that when you feel hungry, your food is ready.

I’ll see you soon with many more exciting recipes, till then take care!

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