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Bread Manchurian For Weight Loss | Low Calorie Indian Chinese Recipe

Bread Manchurian Recipe – How To Make This Interesting Weight Loss Recipe?

You’ve likely read “calories in vs. calories out” being the only way to shed weight if you pay attention to the many fitness experts online.
The phrase may have some truth, but it fails to explain the best long-term, sustainable weight loss strategies.
Because of this, many people have turned to deprive themselves of calories, which could be quite bad for their health.

Bread Manchurian For Weight Loss | Indian Chinese Recipe

A quick, creative, and enticing meal for a snack you may have any time is bread manchurian. Produced using readily available basic components, including bread, oil, paneer, and a few Chinese sauces.

You may try this to satisfy your taste buds rather than trying chicken or various veg Manchurian recipes. This wonderful healthy recipe can also be made with leftover bread. But make sure you use atta bread instead of other bread as it is a healthier option.

Ingredients List:

How to Make The Recipe:


It can be a terrific option for a simple snack, kitten party, birthday party, or late snack. You can eat this meal once or twice a week and lose weight. It is the best low-calorie recipe for your weight loss journey.

I hope you liked this recipe of mine. Enjoy!