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Healthy Tasty Dessert For Weight Loss | Oats Pudding Recipe

oats pudding recipe for weight loss

Low-Calorie Oats Pudding Recipe: Healthy Breakfast for Weight Management

Today I have brought you very incredible and very fresh Diet Kheer which means Healthy Tasty Desert for Weight Loss Recipe. This is a very good Oats-Pudding (oatmeal) Recipe and today I will show you, how to make Kheer (Oatsmeal ) with Oats. So delicious, so good and just 150 calories and moreover this is so easy that, it gets ready in just a few minutes. This is a very good recipe for patients of Diabetes, PCOS, BP, Cholesterol and Thyroid and moreover this is Low Carb, Low Fat and High Fiber Recipe which can be used in High Protein and Detox Diet.

Quick and Easy Weight-Loss Oats Pudding Recipe (15 Minutes!)

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Ingredients List:

How to Make The Recipe:


This is a very Tasty Healthy Snack Option which you can use as Mid Meal in your Weight Loss Journey. And right in front of our Eyes our Kheer (oatmeal) is boiling and calling us, you can see it’s texture is getting very good, just like your Rice Kheer but much more beneficial than that and the best benefit is you take is hot or cold it’s taste gonna be delicious. Either you take it at work or give it to your Children, everyone will like it very much and it’s so healthy and so nutritious that you people will feel it very tasty.

I will meet you with more exciting recipes, till then take care.

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