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Tailored Made Programs

(Specialises In PCOS, Diabetes & Thyroid)

We make dieting fun ! All our Diets are completely tailor made for you , designs to suit your lifestyle , likes & dislikes.


Weight Management

Struggle no more. Find healthy ways to lose your weight & win confidence.


All kinds of Disease Management

Helping underweight people gain a healthy BMI &  weight  ….


Wellness / Healthy Life Style Program

Sculpt your body.Get that enviable perfect shape that turns heads.


Weight Gain

Our therapeutic diets are designed to treat a number of disorders.


Pregnancy / Lactation Care

Contributes to regular body functions like circulation, digestion & transportation of nutrients for milk production.


Reverse Hormonal Imbalance Diet

We can help regulate your hormone imbalance so it assists in the normal functioning of all body functions and keeps you healthy and fit.


Diabetic Care

The customised meal plan will help regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation to improve the functioning of all internal organs.


Diet For Kids

Our diet plan will help your kids maintain a healthy weight, stabilise your kids energy and improve their minds and mental health.

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Weight Loss Goals

Achieve your Weight Loss Goals in the fastest way with a busy lifestyle schedule.

Personalized Diet

Healthy & Nutritious Detailed and exact Timed personalized diet plans for your body.

Daily Monitoring

Constant tracking & monitoring all your food intake amount and health status daily.

About Dt. Natasha Mohan

Dietitian Natasha Mohan is one of the most influential and renowned nutritionist and dietitian, with over 2 Million Followers on YouTube and 200+ Million Views and with 10+ Years of Experience. Dietitian Natasha Mohan is a transformation expert, Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Expert. She has transformed over 7000 lives. She specializes in Therapeutic Diets Like, PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, and other lifestyle disorder.


Why Our Diets Work?

Why Our Diets Work?

Diet Plan & Packages

PCOS Diet Plan


Thyroid Diet Plan

Hypertension Diet Plan


Teenager Diet Plan

Diabetes Diet Plan

Diabetes Diet Plan

Pre Marriage Diet Plan

Cancer Diet Plan

Cancer  Diet Plan


Weight Loss Diet Plan

24×7 Service for Online Clients

More than 12000 Satisfied Clients.

24×7 Service for Online Clients

More than 12000 Satisfied Clients.

Easy Exercises & Workouts For Beginners At Home – Weight Loss With Natasha Mohan

Are you looking for the best nutritionist for weight loss? Look no more! Natasha Mohan is the best nutritionist for weight loss you’ll ever find.

Natasha Mohan is one of the best nutritionists for reducing weight. She is a great nutritionist and has helped many people get back in shape. She has years of experience in making people fit and healthy. With her guidance and interesting diet plans reducing weight feels very easy. She makes a diet plan that provides your body with complete nourishment and makes it healthy.

She treats her patients like friends, which makes her the most loved nutritionist amongst them. Her way of working is exceptional as she has worked with various groups and people from across the globe. She makes different diet plans for everybody as she believes that everybody is different and needs a different diet plan.

She is well known for serving her clients with special needs, goals or health disorders and helping them lead a nourishing life free of stress and diseases. With her, there is always a way for everyone as she has experience of being overweight. She knows that feeling. Therefore, she will always make a way for a healthier and happier you.

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Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Weight Loss By Dietitian Natasha Mohan

Do you want to lose weight? You have come to the right place. You just have to start eating the right food! We know that reducing weight is not easy but, with our diet plan for weight loss, it is. Our diet plan for weight loss provides you with all the food that will help you get back into shape easily. We will help you throughout the journey and make you a better version of yourself!

Our diet plans have already helped so many people, and we guarantee that they will do wonders for you too. The best thing about our diet plan is you will not have to starve yourself or leave your favourite food, you can eat your favourite food and lose weight with it. Cool, isn’t it?

We make different diet plans for every person as we know no one is the same. We make a diet plan by properly examining your body and keeping your preferences in mind. As we know that reducing weight becomes dull when you cannot have your favourite food. Contact us today and get a customized diet plan that matches your schedule and helps you get healthier.

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Weight Loss Diet | Diet Recipes By Dietitian Natasha Mohan

A weight-loss diet is a diet that helps you lose weight by eating food that provides your body with complete nutrition and few calories.

We often hesitate whenever we hear about a weight loss diet. Most people think that diets will keep them hungry, but no, with our diet plans, you don’t have to keep yourself hungry. In fact, you can have your favorite food and lose weight.

For all those people who think that diets are tasteless, they have not yet tried our diet plans. We make sure that you enjoy your weight loss journey, that is why our diets include the food you love the most. With the consumption of your favorite food, weight loss becomes easier. With our right combination of food and easy to follow diet recipes, you will always get the best results.

We at Dietitian Natasha Mohan’s wellness and diet clinic, get to the core reason for your weight problem and help you tackle that with our healthy diets. Our weight loss diet plan helps you lose weight and maintain it throughout your life so that you focus on enjoying your life and not worrying about your weight.

Hunting for the best weight loss diet? Hunt no more and connect with us today!

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Online Dietitian for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight without stepping out? You have come to the right place! We have an excellent online dietitian for weight loss especially, for you. We at Dietitian Natasha Mohan’s wellness and diet clinic excel in providing online weight loss diet plans.

We know that many questions come to mind when it comes to getting an online dietitian, like, will the diet work? Or will the Dietitian understand my weight gain problem? Will I lose weight or not? The answer is Yes. We have years of experience in providing our clients with quality online diets.

We are not just ordinary online dietitians. As, we make sure that we get to know everything about you, your lifestyle habits, your food preference, your existing diseases, everything. Our questions are designed to give us a better image of your body. Then we talk about your weight goals.

Then, finally, we make a diet plan for you and help you reach your weight goals and dream body. So, if you are hesitant about getting yourself an online dietitian for weight loss, don’t think much and join us! We are the best online dietitians for weight loss that can help you achieve your weight goals. We are there for you!