Dietitian Natasha Mohan

Dietitian Natasha Mohan Features on Media

Dietitian Natasha Mohan Features on

Dietitian Natasha Mohan Features on Media

Dietitian Natasha Mohan: Bringing Nutrition Expertise to Indian Media

Dt. Natasha Mohan, a skilled dietitian, isn’t just making waves among health buffs; she’s also earning recognition in the media spotlight. Her smart contributions have graced esteemed publications like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Pinkvilla, The Indian Express, India Today, and News18. Let’s see how Natasha’s wisdom is reaching audiences across these big platforms.

The Times of India: The Times of India which is read by a lot of people in India, gave Dt. Natasha Mohan a chance to talk about diet. In these articles, she gives good, useful tips on how to eat right to live a better life. The things Natasha writes in The Times give people the power to make healthier decisions…..Read more.

Hindustan Times: Natasha’s  work in Hindustan Times helps a wide range of people find accurate diet information. Her posts on this site help readers find their way around the confusing world of modern nutrition, whether they’re talking about balanced eating, reading food labels, or busting diet myths……Read more.

Pinkvilla: Natasha’s shares her secrets on Pinkvilla, a famous online community for health and lifestyle, about everything from celebrity diets to long-term weight loss. Making her appearance here inspires and teaches, emphasising how important thoughtful eating is for long-term health……Read more.

The Indian Express:  Natasha’s  writes a lot about health issues in The Indian Express. Natasha’s writing gives readers a clear picture of nutrition in the modern world, whether it’s about how food trends affect public health, the connection between nutrition and mental health, or busting diet myths……Read more.

India Today: India Today, a well-known show in Indian media, gives Natasha’s a chance to talk about important diet issues. The fact that she looks at everything from food laws to the cultural value of traditional diets shows how dedicated she is to holistic health and well-informed nutrition talk……Read more.

News18: Natasha’s appearances on News18 make her even more of a diet expert. People who are looking for accurate health information really like having her here, whether she’s on a panel, giving expert commentary, or giving out useful tips……Read more.

Dietitian Natasha Mohan’s appearances in major Indian news outlets show how committed she is to sharing smart, science-based nutrition advice. Natasha’s ideas are read by a wide range of people across the country, from readers of major newspapers like The Times of India and Hindustan Times to those who visit websites like Pinkvilla, The Indian Express, India Today, and News18. Natasha is still a known expert in the fields of nutrition and wellness, and she continues to share her knowledge through the media.