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Diet plan for teenager


Are Your Kids are you looking for an Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Teenager Girls and Boys, Obesity is a big problem among teenagers today. Majority of teenagers are stressed about weight gain issues. This appears to be a big concern for teenagers.

  1. Firstly, obesity is associated with many health problems like heart diseases, cancers, stroke, hypertension, menstrual issues, PCOS and many more
  1. Not only that, increase in BMI is also correlated to dental caries.
  2. Unhealthy weight leads to overall poor quality of life.
  1. Obesity is also associated with psychological impact and mental issues. The child is constantly being tortured and referred by various names like ‘fatty’, ‘motu’ etc. This demotivates the child and leads to social aloofness. The child becomes so disheartened that he/she loses their confidence and self- esteem.
  2. Obese individual feels lethargic and weak. He/she is unable to perform well in examination and concentrate in studies.
  1. An Obese teenager is unable to participate in all co-curricular or sports activities.
  2. Another problem specially faced by teenage girls is unable to wear clothes of their choice.

Weight reduction measures in correct way is most important thing For Teenagers, Diet control measures are majorly responsible for weight control measures.

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Teenage Girl Or Teen Boys

Diet plan for teenager At Dietitian Natasha Mohan Weight Loss Diet Clinic, we are is a group of highly experienced Dietitians. Most of our Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Teenager Girl or Teen Boys are made which basic 2 main aims, to cure diseases and also ensure happy life of their patients

  1. We will focus first on all the causative factors by recording a detailed case history and draw a diet plan as per the identified causative factors. This diet plan will be more useful as it will play a significant role in eliminating the cause of obesity. The team will provide you various dietary strategies to deal with them.
  1. The dietitian will work in close coordination with parents and the teenage child and also motivate the parents to adopt better lifestyles
  2. The lifestyle modifications advices by our team – will also help to regain back your self-esteem and dwindling confidence.
  1. The team will in cooperate right food items in teenagers diet that will in cooperate all the food groups in right proportion and will enable the patient to reduce weight and improve well being
  2. The teams will be tracking your diet chart on daily basis – so as to keep check on all the difficulties you face
  1. They will be continuously available on phone calls and messages
  2. They will continuously motivate you in your journey
  1. Additional benefits of daily food related tips and fun facts
Teenage Weight Loss Diet Plan

Why are Teenage Weight Loss Diet Plan is essential to combat teenage obesity?

Weight loss does not on any account means to deprive your body from nutrients and experience hunger pangs. Successful weight loss diet plans are sheer balance between the calorie consumption vs the calorie burnt along with appropriate food choices. Calorie intake should be planned or designed according to the person’s lifestyle habits and patterns specially for Teenagers . Log in to our website to avail a tailor-made diet plan for a healthy and successful weight loss journey.

Diet plan for teenager

Best Diet Charts For Teenagers

  1. Parental influence plays crucial role in determining the lifestyle choices of a teenager
  2.  Place where one lives also plays a central role in dietary choices eg children of South Indian family will be rice consumers where as North Indian teenagers will binge on Aloo ka Paratha and Samosa.

  3.  Peer pressure also adds to child’s development

  4. “No play makes Jack a dull boy” – This famous proverb says it all. No physical activity will add to the extra kilos

  5. Genetic or Hereditary factors

Why Is Balance Diet Chats For Teenagers Important?
  1. The teenager may stop eating, skip meals or intermittent fasting and eating disorders
  2. Without having sufficient knowledge, they might start following any weight reduction diet like Keto, Atkins or Paleo
  3. The teenage kids might start to binge eat in stress or demotivation
  4. Health issues
  5. Performance pressure
  6. Mental disorders and depression
  7. Social aloofness
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Steps included in Diet Plan

Body Analysis

Counseling Session

Creating A Diet Plan

Monitoring Your Progress