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Healthy Spicy Chicken Recipe For Weight Loss | Easy Lunch

healthy weight loss chicken

Healthy Spicy Chicken Recipe For Weight Loss |Easy Lunch / Dinner Weight Loss Chicken Recipe

Hello to my Healthy Weight Loss Chicken this is My Easy Dinner / Dinner Weight Loss Chicken Recipe , This Healthy Spicy Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss is one of the best recipe you can have so welcome to My Kitchen Diet recipes by Natasha Mohan.

Today’s recipe is a less oil spicy chicken recipe. It is an intelligent way of getting your daily protein intake and mixing, it with herbs and spices which have medicinal properties and are easily available in every Indian kitchen. This quick and easy weight loss chicken recipe is aromatic and full of flavours for this recipe. I am using only chicken breast because it is a lean protein and it’s a perfect way of getting your daily intake of protein.

This diet chicken recipe contains 34 grams of proteins and can be had for lunch or dinner. This is actually one of my favourite chicken recipes because it’s lips making delicious and I love the flavours the earthiness of these flavours. They’re so aromatic they actually come from south India, these spices the concoction is so good it’s like a match made in heaven. So while I’ve boasted enough about my recipe, It’s time to get you started let’s begin.

Healthy Spicy Chicken Recipes for Weight loss at Home

So, first up while making this Healthy Spicy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss At Home , we’re going to add about one teaspoon of fennel seeds which is very good to relieve in digestion. Then we are going to add about half a teaspoon of black peppercorns which contains the antioxidant Piperine. Next up is whole red chilies I’m adding about three to four pieces if you want to make it less spicy then please cut down on the quantity.

Next, I’m adding is one teaspoon of coriander seeds and after that cumin seeds. So, if you think you have constipation or any other problem so please avoid the red chilies and move on with the other spices. I’m going to dry roast them on a very low flame until they’re fragrant, so once I know my kitchen is all fragrant with these spices having released their flavours. Then I can turn off the gas and grind it to a fine powder you know the good thing about this spice mix is that you can actually store it for up to as many days all you need is an airtight container. Just make sure you’ve roasted them well and only after cooling have you stored them.

So once all that is done, they’re just perfect to store and you can use it anytime in any one of your dishes that’s what I do and this really comes in handy. Once we’ve got our spice mix ready, we’re going heat up a pan add about one teaspoon of olive oil. I’m not using extra virgin olive oil but this is a regular olive oil if you want you can actually use mustard oil ghee to each their own whatever suits you, they’re all equally good moving on. I’m adding about one teaspoon of garlic paste to this now garlic of course with any chicken dish is a match made in heaven because it tastes so nice what I’m actually trying to do here is roast the garlic until it’s fragrant and only then add the chicken.

Next up I’m adding about 150 grams of boneless chicken which is of course lean protein and I have turned up the gas over here on high flame so that I can seal the juices of the chicken until it turns white. Now this is a tip which you must use because often people come to me complaining that their chicken has become hard and rubbery. It’s become too chewy, this is the reason. I’m adding a few chopped curry leaves along with my chicken because this imparts a nice flavour to the dish. It’s going to turn out to be a very tasty and delicious south Indian Chettinad chicken.

healthy weight loss chicken

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