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Yummiest weightloss sandwich recipe | Healthy Veg sandwich recipe for weight loss

weightloss sandwich recipe

Quick & Easy Sandwich Recipe for Weight loss❤️Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Today, I have brought for you all, an incredible Yummiest Weight Loss Sandwich Recipe, This High Protein Healthy Veg Sandwich Recipe for Breakfast, and it’s so easy to make, that it just takes a few minutes for it to be ready and so delicious that, you will keep licking your fingers. Moreover, this weight loss sandwich recipe is suitable for people with problems like Diabetes, Cholesterol, BP or PCOD. And this recipe is so easy and so yummy you should definitely try it out and the best is that this has only 176 calories . WOW

Weight Loss Sandwich Recipe | High Protein Recipe

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ingreadients for weigthloss sandwich recipe :

How to make sandwich for weight loss ?


Now our quick and easy sandwich recipe for weight loss is almost ready , we roll our Sandwich just like this with Flax Seeds and we will brush half spoon of oil on our pan. And then we will cook/heat the Sandwich on both the sides and make it crisp, so that we can get soft and crunchy from inside and from outside we get Toasted Hot Bread. So here is our incredible weight loss breakfast sandwich recipe. Which is not only rich in Protein but also Fiber. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and make it… Like and subscribe my channel, and share this recipe with your friends now…

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