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Easy Oil Free Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss, Diet Chicken Recipe For Lunch | Dinner

Oil free chicken recipe

Healthy Chicken Recipe For Weight Loss | Lunch / Dinner Oil Free Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss

Looking For the Best Oil Free Healthy Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss ? See My Easiest Weight Loss Chicken Recipe For Lunch Or Dinner , yes Friends this is a Low Calorie High Protein Chicken Recipe made with Chicken breast and its tasty and spicy too , just the way I like it . I am sure this will also become your go to chicken recipe when you are on a diet or looking to eat healthy.

oil free chicken recipes for weight loss

Today’s Oil Free Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss, is a Diet Chicken Recipe Lunch or Dinner is High Protein Low Calorie Zero Oil Chicken Recipe. This Diet Chicken Recipe is one of my personal favorites because it is so delicious and easy to make. It is an easy weight loss food recipe and can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. It contains only 223 calories in total and is the perfect choice for those who want to gain muscle, lose weight or if you are recovering from a general injury. So those who do not like to spend time in the kitchen, this is the perfect option for you.

Welcome to Natasha Mohan’s My Kitchen Diet Recipes. Here I will be using Chicken Breast only which is lean meat and slow digesting protein which is really good for muscle gain overnight.

Ingredients List:

How to Make Oil Free chicken for weight loss ?


Next My Healthy Oil Free Easy Chicken Recipes for Weight for Lunch or Dinner is almost ready, I am adding salt to taste which is so important for any dish isn’t it, next up I am adding a whole onion which has been sliced thinly as you can see to balance the chilliness of the chili now onion as you know they have a sweet smell and a sweet taste. so that is actually going to be very helpful in this dish to maintain an absolute balance with the curd the onion the chillies all spices in place now it’s time for the main ingredient the chicken so I am using 100gm of chicken breast which is an excellent source of lean protein in comparison to most red meats chicken actually two to three times more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which is good for you and chicken is actually low in sodium zero trans- fat and zero carbs. So, it is just the perfect choice now once we have given it a good mix, yes we need to mix it up well so the chicken can marinate well in this for good two to three hours or if you do not have time, you can also do it for just an hour and then of course we are going to cook it.

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I hope you liked this recipe of mine. Enjoy